Progressive Institute Offers Free Mind, Body, Spirit Online Support Group

Friday, April 17, 2020

These are unique times with increasing global concern and anxiety due to COVID-19 self-isolation and the risks of on the job potential exposure. We are all concerned about our physical health, mental wellness and our jobs. Progressive Institute is here to help us all build skills to help navigate these new norms by offering free online meetings every Friday with our Clinical Director, Kerry Lassen, LCSW.

We believe that human connection, whether in person or through technology, is essential to one’s sustained well-being.


Who should attend?

The support groups are for everyone from first responders and healthcare workers to parents who are home schooling their children to executives who are suddenly out of a job or for anyone just wanting to learn new skills to better adjust to our new norms.

What will I get out of attending online?

People who attend the weekly Connection and Empowerment Skills group should learn about and develop skills to help identify and manage through anxiety, stress and the handling of difficult emotions.  The group combines therapeutic process with experiential activity and learning.  Each session will start with a brief overview of an effective therapeutic approach to increasing self-compassion and resiliency, followed by an open group discussion, and closing with an experiential technique such as grounding or meditation.

Please join us online this and every Friday:

Weekly Connection and Empowerment Skills Group

Fridays, 3:00pm-3:30pm, Free of Charge

Hosted by Progressive Institute

Click Here to Join / Add to Your Calendar or for more information email us at:


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