Our Approach to Recovery Coaching

The Progressive Recovery Coaching Program is a comprehensive, community-based program designed to meet clients where they are in their recovery and healing journey. The primary purpose of our recovery coaching program is to partner with individuals to help them identify and connect with the needed resources, services and support that will help them achieve a lifetime of sustained recovery.

Program Overview

Our recovery coaching philosophy is client-centered and strengths-based. We help clients to plan and navigate through the many activities they must engage in, with a priority focus on leveraging current strengths while developing new and dormant areas of focus in their lives.

Aligned with Client Needs

We meet clients where they are today, working with people at various points in their recovery. We take an action-oriented approach that emphasizes improvement of one’s present life, while establishing and working a plan to attain future goals and a life of sustained functional wellness.

A Plan for Success

A holistic recovery plan is developed, touching all dimensions of the individual including sustained recovery from addiction; financial independence; employment/education; relationships; physical and mental health; exercise and recreation; spirituality. Recovery coaches help clients take ownership and guide the implementation of their recovery plan.

Partnering with Clinicians

Our recovery coaches have strong working relationships with a client’s clinicians, working in concert with them to ensure we carry forward the therapeutic progress being made, and build upon the strengths and newfound personal dimensions of wellness that clients are creating in the recovery setting.

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